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Mike Marable has been a business executive and entrepreneur for the past thirty years, starting his first company in 1987, Healthcare Systems, and the non-profit venture Human Potentials, an organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and personal achievement.


 Mike is currently  the founder/CEO of BizVision Consulting and environmental  non-profit,


A Handbook for the Human Experience

 Why Am I Here?

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"this book changes lives" -Book  Review


When we try to pick anything out by itself, we find it's connected to everything else in the universe

-John Muir

Earth provides us the opportunity to have the unique experience of what it’s like to be human. Please take a couple of minutes to take in these first images from Voyager, narrated by Carl Sagan.
Video of the Day - Physicist Tom Campbell on the nature of reality and why we are here.

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