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 Why Am I Here?

A Handbook for the Human Experience
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"this book changes lives" -Book  Review


About THE Author

Mike Marable has been a business executive and entrepreneur for the past thirty years, starting his first company in 1987, Healthcare Systems, and the non-profit venture Human Potentials, an organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and personal achievement.


 Mike is currently  the founder/CEO of BizVision Consulting and environmental  non-profit,

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Conversations between Mike and fellow traveler Jurgen Ziewe on what happens in various realities after physical death. 

When we try to pick anything out by itself, we find it's connected to everything else in the universe

-John Muir

 Selected Excerpts


This book is for those who are feeling pulled to remember their true identity and purpose, seeking answers to life’s big questions like…Why Am I Here? 

 'It's not about uncovering the "ultimate truth". That an overriding truth exists and if we just do more, or less of something we can possess it may be helpful to contemplate as it keeps us searching I suppose. It may be that feeling urged to ask big questions is the real evolutionary leap. 
The more likely scenario is we uncover some pieces of the infinite puzzle. Each day we wake up with new eyes and more of the puzzle reveals itself as our perceptual field expands. Actually I have discovered that the human experience is more about remembering. The greater part of us knows what’s going on, it dispatched some of itself in to the human experience in a state of amnesia for the purpose of feeling. Emotion is the draw to the human learning experience and that requires we be immersed in the experience and feel fully. Whatever emotion that comes up is instructive. Much of what I read in spiritual literature seems to paint the human experience as something to be escaped from or evolved past. A kind of karmic purgatory. That may be true for some who have opted in to that belief system, for others their mission is to be fully immersed in the human. Their role of maybe playing the “bad guy” is needed. That lover who cheated on us did so with our full agreement and at the cast party we will thank them! Just as in a movie, foils make for a more interesting story. There is no judgement in the universe and there is no right or wrong way to do human. Love your tribulations as they contain the most information for you. Embrace your sadness when it comes, it is a teacher. Don't fear your anger, let it reveal where the fear resides." 

"You are an eternal, restless energy in search of experience. That which makes up the animating force that you identify with has always been and will always be. One of the many kinds of experiences available to you was coming to this planet and understanding what it is like to be a human being." -Page 30

"When we are not fulfilling what we came here to do, we get antsy in life. Looking for reasons outside of ourselves for why things are not working out. At the core of our malaise is longing"

"Coming into the human experience involves our taking on a particular persona and role that fits what we came here to learn and accomplish. This amnesia appears to be an essential condition and allows us to become more fully immersed in the human experience. Not remembering is by design." -Page 31

 Everything on the planet is conscious on some level and possesses a form of  self-awareness, though it may not resemble what we are familiar with.

We are connected through consciousness to everything   that exists in our world, and on some level experience  it even if it occurs on the other side of the planet to people we will never meet. -Page 37

As It turns out, Earth is a combination of university and amusement park. Fun and learning are both included as part of the human experience.


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